Freitag 20.01.17 | Pete Jones

Beginn: 20.30 Uhr

"Pete Jones is a Welsh Singer songwriter & guitarist. Folk, blues, rock are just a few of the genres that Pete mixes into his own style.

Living in Hohenlohe, Pete has quickly built a foundation of support throughout the region, making his presence known in the South of Germany. The Welsh singer songwriter has performed at many festivals in 2016 such as; the “Roemersee Festival”, “Insel Festival”, “Sommerwerft Festival” (Frankfurt), and at the “Nacht der Keller”. He received good feedback about the energetic performances with his outstanding voice and percussive guitar skills. He also performed multiple times at the “Landesgartenschau” in Oehringen.

Pete also has recently participated in Singer songwriter / Liederslams in Frankfurt & Heidelberg. He came 2nd (Frankfurt 20.08) and 1st (Heidelberg 3.11).

Pete has also made appearances on local radio stations in Schwaebisch Hall (Radio Sthoerfunk), and in Goeppingen (Radio Fips).

He is currently recording his first studio album in Heilbronn, bringing the energy from his live performances, expressing topics such as human behaviour, society, and animal welfare."

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